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Posted on Jul 10, 2018

A Tour Of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, by Erik Von Gutenberg

As Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018 fast approaches on July 26-30, here’s a scorching new exclusive gallery from VFW2017, featuring photos from almost every event of the weekend, by international fetish photographer and publisher Erik Von Gutenberg. In particular, make sure and scroll to the photos from the runway fashion shows and the VIP Fetish Cruise, always major highlights of the weekend’s activities!

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Posted on Jun 10, 2018

Vancouver Fetish Weekend – Carnival Photo Booth

Every year at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, the Friday is a different full-scale theme, to inspire creativity, and keep things new and fresh! While all fetish styles are always welcome at every VFW event, who doesn’t love being part of a giant group theme? Check out these kinky, colourful photos from the Friday of VFW2017, themed CARNIVAL OF KINK!

The theme for the Friday of VFW2018 is : Black Magic / Occult / Goth / Satanic / Witchcraft!

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Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2017 – Gallery #2, by Fucken’ Gerry


Check out this AMAZING gallery from kink scene mainstay Fucken’ Gerry, covering all the magic moments from VFW2017.   The joyous vibes at the Thursday Meet & Greet party as kinksters re-connected with their friends from around the world.  The explosion of colour at the Carnival Of Kink Friday party, complete with spontaneous on stage clown orgy.  The absolutely massive 5 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball on Saturday night, with a dazzling array of over the top fetish outfits and unforgettable performances.  The world-famous Sunday Fetish Cruise, followed by the closing Wet & Wild Bondage Ball at the Odyssey – all these moments and more are here in this gallery of over 800 photos!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended!  If you love these photos, please share them … well, the ones appropriate for sharing anyway 😉

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Posted on Aug 24, 2017

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2017 – Gallery #1, by Gothic BC


The first official photo gallery from Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2017 is UP, courtesy of long time resident photographer Atratus and his long-running website Gothic BC chronicling the Vancouver alternative scene! He was on hand as roving photographer for the Thursday Meet & Greet, the Friday Carnival Of Kink, and the Sunday VIP Fetish Cruise, as well as hosting our incredibly popular VFW photo booth at the Saturday 5 Year Anniversary party!

If you would like to get ahold of a larger size copy of any of the photos, drop a message to the photographer here!

One of the things we love the most about our global fetish community is how diverse and wide-ranging it is! Browsing through this gallery of pervy partiers beaming with happiness and having the time of their lives, you’ll find every body type, age and sexual preference out there, as well as a giant display of different creative styles! And we love love LOVE every second of it! Thank you to each and every one of our attendees for simply being YOU, and bringing your fun & frisky energy to the event!

Now, on to the photos! Be patient, it’s quite large and may take awhile to load! Note that once you are in the pop-up image browser window, you can fast-scroll through the gallery by clicking on the arrow keys or swiping left or right!

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Posted on Jul 17, 2017

10 Days To Go!


Can you believe there’s just 10 days to go before the official launch of the 5th annual Vancouver Fetish Weekend, when we gather together our fetish friends & community from across the world, and invite them into our beautiful city to mix with our local family of kinky party folk?

Whether you are a long time member of the local kink scene or just thinking about coming out to your first event, VFW is by far the most exciting time of year, when our local sandbox is positively overflowing with new playmates and energy pouring into it from far and wide!

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Posted on Jul 16, 2017

Photo Of The Day : July 16, 2017


Reminder to everyone that at the main event on Saturday night, we give all attendees the red carpet treatment from 9-10:30, where YOU are the star, with our very own Evilyn13 greeting all arrivals and giving them a chance to shine with a quick moment in the spotlight. Standouts will be featured in the official highlights video of the weekend’s festivities … however if you wish to stay off the record, you can certainly just head right in to the naughty madness inside and stay anonymous! We highly encourage all attendees to ARRIVE EARLY and make the most of all events of the weekend!

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Posted on Aug 8, 2016

The Fetish Fashions, Performances & Perverts Of Vancouver Fetish Weekend (418 Photos)


This just might be the best gallery yet from Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2016! Zemekiss Photography captured SO MANY INCREDIBLE MOMENTS from the festival – ranging from jaw-dropping shots of the stage shows, candid shots with our ultra creatively attired & wonderfully kinky attendees, but most of all, this gallery captures the thrill and glamour of the prime time showcase fetish fashion shows. You ABSOLUTELY owe it to yourself to browse through this collection of images, which is already sparking inspiration for next year!

Featured performers and designers : Masuimi Max, Val Vampyre, Cervena Fox, The Lost Girls, Valynne Vile, Jane Smoker, Brent Ray Fraser, Isaac T, Evilyn13, Samantha Mack, Dawnamatrix Designs, Pandora Deluxe Latex, Frankie Faux, Lola Frost, Villainy Loveless and many many more!

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Posted on Aug 6, 2016

Sleaze & Tease Fetish Ball Photo Booth (92 Photos)


The final night of Vancouver Fetish Weekend always turns extra sexual at the closing Sleaze & Tease Fetish Ball at the historic Penthouse Strip Club. Check out this gallery from the photo booth plus some roving and stage show shots from house photographer Ira Rotenberg of Vancouver Positive Body Image Photography, highlighting local & visiting international kinksters at play. It takes some true fetish endurance to make it all the way through every event from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday … next year we are making ‘I Survived Vancouver Fetish Weekend’ badges for everyone who makes it right to the end on Sunday night!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2016, and jumped in front of the camera to be part of our official galleries from the various events! Your kinky passion shines bright in all the photos. The fetish scene cuts across many boundaries and transcends age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and more … we absolutely LOVE what a wide range of people are represented in this and all the galleries from the events!

There are still more photo galleries, but for now, check out this gallery, share, and enjoy!

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Posted on Aug 4, 2016

A Journey Through The Vancouver Fetish Weekend (284 Photos)


An anonymous photographer takes a journey through Vancouver Fetish Weekend, his first experience at a large scale fetish event. Along the way he meets dominatrixes, slaves, submissives, latex lovers, international fetish wear designers, and captures many intimate moments with attendees, rope bondage couples, stage performers from all over the world, and much much more. Great care was taken to capture the spirit of the event while subtly preserving the anonymity of all attendees save for those who wished to appear in the photographs.

Appearing in this gallery, in no particular order – Samantha Mack, Masuimi Max, Cervena Fox, Vertigo Rope, Isaac T, Kasey Riot, DJ R-Lex, Val Vampyre, Evilyn13, DJ Rascal, Claudia Rylie, Dawnamatrix Latex, Pandora Deluxe Latex, Brent Ray Fraser, Lola Frost, Villainy Loveless …. and several hundred incredibly creative kinksters from Vancouver and all over the world!

Browse and enjoy, and please share links to the gallery for others to see!

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