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Marnie Scarlet is the Queen of Fetish Cabaret! Renowned for her surreal shows and larger than life looks, Marnie will confuse, shock and tantalize. Marnie combines aspects of cabaret with drag and burlesque, also throwing elements of fetish and performance art into the mix. A true freak of nature, she embraces the light and worships the darkness, with elements of comedy in her shows, as well having slightly sinister and morbid aspects to her acts. Beware! Marnie Scarlet will steal your heart and probably make a nice hat out of it!

Twitter : @MarnieScarlet
Instagram : @marniescarlet

CERVENA FOX … (London, UK)


One of the breakout stars of Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2016, we are thrilled to welcome back Cervena Fox, international fetish & tattoo model, and ultra bad-ass fire & fetish stage performer! Her Friday & Saturday main stage shows are absolute don-t miss events!

NATASHA NEBULA … (Montreal, Canada)


Montreal’s High Priestess Of Perversion, the enigma known as NATASHA NEBULA, is our next performer announcement for VFW5! She’s a punk rock alien space hooker, and she’s coming for your soul! Having fried people’s brains with her psycho-sexual shows at Fetish Factory and Cirque De Boudoir on the East side of the continent, and at Sin City Fetish Night‘s 14 Year Anniversary in the West, we are thrilled to have her this year as part of VFW5!

THE LOST GIRLS … (Vancouver)


Returning for a main stage Saturday night performance at this year’s Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we are thrilled to welcome back THE LOST GIRLS! They were one of the breakout stars of last year’s VFW, busting the weekend wide open and into high gear with their sacreligious group performance at the Imperial. Word on the street is they’re amping it up even further this year … be there at Club 560 on Saturday July 29 to see them unleash sex magic from another dimension onto us, their cult of kinky worshippers!

Facebook :
Instagram : @lostgirlsburlesque

HOLY SCAR … (Montreal, Canada)


We are proud to welcome HOLY SCAR as a featured performer at Vancouver Fetish Weekend 5! Recently relocated to Vancouver from Montreal, Holy is a multi-talented body modification, fire and fetish performer, already making big waves on West Coast stages!