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Posted on Aug 30, 2018

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018 – Photo Booth


The photo booth with the oversize ‘VFW’ letters bathing people in white light is always one of the most popular spots at the annual Vancouver Fetish Weekend Anniversary party celebrations! This year, the talented Jonny Ray Photography hosted the photo booth, capturing attendees, performers and kinksters from around the world of every size, shape, age and colour, glowing with the infectious joy of the event, and showing off their incredible outfits. Check out this gallery, which from beginning to end highlights a vast kaleidoscope of beautiful, sexual self-expression.

You can check out more of Jonny Ray’s work here at his photography Page on Facebook!

Note that once you are in the pop-up image browser window, you can fast-scroll through the gallery by clicking on the arrow keys or swiping left or right!