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Posted on Jul 19, 2018

July 26 – Fetish Meet & Greet – FREE to attend, no dress code!

CLICK HERE for full event details / RSVP on FACEBOOK / RSVP on FETLIFE

NOTE – VENUE CHANGE!  Our previous venue, Lux Lounge, no longer hosts events on weekday nights!  Thus, this event has been moved to XY YVR, just a few blocks walk from the host hotel, at 1216 Bute St, right beside the rainbow crosswalk intersection!

Vancouver Fetish Weekend  kicks off with a FREE party, to bring together guests, performers, models, artists, designers, festival staff and all our local and international kinky friends together for a relaxed night with cold drinks & dark sounds, in an upscale club & lounge atmosphere complete with VFW resident DJs Evilyn13 & Sean Reveron spinning alternative & retro favourites all night.  Dancefloor area for those who desire!  Always been interested in checking out the kink scene, or have friends who have never been before?  This is a great casual & fun introduction!

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Posted on Jul 17, 2018

447 Photos From Vancouver Fetish Weekend by Zemekiss Photography

If you aren’t already crazy excited for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018, coming up quick July 26-30, you will be after checking out this ultra glossy gallery of all the gorgeous people from the 2017 festival, courtesy of Zemekiss Photography. A latex lover at heart, a true fetishist and long time supporter of the local kink scene in Vancouver, Zemekiss just might have captured our favourite gallery from the entire weekend! There are SO many amazing moments with creative and glowing attendees, epic runway moments during the fashion shows, and of course the FETISH CRUISE! Do yourself a favour, take 5 minutes, and dig into this gallery! And of course SHARE all the photos you love … well, the ones that are safe to share anyway!

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Posted on Jul 12, 2018

July 28 – Fetish Group Fountain Photo & Pub Patio Meetup


We’ve added another FREE daytime activity for added fun and social connection during Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018! Get together with fetish friends for a daytime group photo at the beautiful fountain outside the Wall Center on the corner of Burrard & Nelson St, with a historic church in the background, then meet up for cold drinks, brunch and good times on the sunny outside patio deck at the Junction on Davie St! Public appropriate fetish daywear highly encouraged but not required!

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Posted on Jul 10, 2018

A Tour Of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, by Erik Von Gutenberg

As Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018 fast approaches on July 26-30, here’s a scorching new exclusive gallery from VFW2017, featuring photos from almost every event of the weekend, by international fetish photographer and publisher Erik Von Gutenberg. In particular, make sure and scroll to the photos from the runway fashion shows and the VIP Fetish Cruise, always major highlights of the weekend’s activities!

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Posted on Jun 10, 2018

Vancouver Fetish Weekend – Carnival Photo Booth

Every year at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, the Friday is a different full-scale theme, to inspire creativity, and keep things new and fresh! While all fetish styles are always welcome at every VFW event, who doesn’t love being part of a giant group theme? Check out these kinky, colourful photos from the Friday of VFW2017, themed CARNIVAL OF KINK!

The theme for the Friday of VFW2018 is : Black Magic / Occult / Goth / Satanic / Witchcraft!

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Posted on May 31, 2018

Holiday Inn group block now sold out, Sandman & AirBnB now your best bet!

Both our initial and additional discounted group blocks of rooms at our main host hotel, the Holiday Inn, are now SOLD OUT.  We now recommend booking at the Sandman or at an AirBnB! Read on for more details!

The remaining hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn (and in general through the city) during summer are now averaging $450/night CDN to start – to everyone who took advantage of our group blocks and scooped up rooms for $200-250/night, it may have seemed expensive then compared to cheaper cities, but you got a screaming deal as hotels are now averaging $200 more per night across Vancouver for all but the lowest 1-star hostels. Though not as famous as those cities, Vancouver is on par with London and New York for hotel demand and pricing in summer.

But don’t despair! If you are coming to Vancouver Fetish Weekend, and missed our discounted group block at the Holiday Inn, there are still options!

Option #1 – Sandman

We ALSO secured a discounted group rate at the Sandman, a higher end hotel just a few blocks away from our main host hotel at the Holiday Inn, which was originally higher cost than the our main host hotel, but now is actually $100 LESS per night, now that the main host hotel has sold out of our discounted rooms and has jumped up to regular market price. Additionally, the Sandman offers many higher-end amenities, such as ocean view balconies, and in-suite jacuzzis! Click ‘read more’ and scroll down to the Sandman booking section for full details on how to book at this hotel. Located right in the heart of the bustling and kink-friendly Davie St gay village, it’s an easy 3-4 block to walk over to connect up with friends at the Holiday Inn, and make use of the shuttle services we have there for the Monday Beach trip & more.

Option #2 – AirBnB

In the absence of being able to find an affordable hotel, we suggest you try to find an AirBnB! Click ‘read more’ for our full list of AirBnB recommendations!

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Posted on Apr 25, 2018


Best of VFW / Red Carpet Highlights from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

Hosts, designers, performers and excited attendees from all over the world let you know what Vancouver Fetish Weekend is all about, what makes it so special, and why it draws so many people from so many communities together. Click that PLAY button and get ready for a serious dose of over the top eye candy!

VFW fast approaches at the end of July, for our biggest weekend yet! Don’t have tickets? At the time of posting, weekend passes + cruise are 3/4 gone! Grab yours soon before they are SOLD OUT!

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE! Thank you to Stu MacKay-Smith and his team for the many, many hours of hard work that went into producing this phenomenal video!

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Posted on Apr 3, 2018


Ticketing Update : currently only full weekend passes are available, online only. A la carte tickets for individual days of the festival will be released shortly, both in stores and online. Weekend passes with the VIP fetish cruise will remain available ONLINE ONLY.

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Posted on Mar 1, 2018


Early bird ticket sales have been crazy strong this year – but they end TODAY (March 1st) AT NOON! Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2018 has exploded into a full 5 day party where every day and night gathering is a don’t-miss moment. Weekend passes start at only $99 … but only for a short while longer, before they go up to regular price!

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Posted on Feb 18, 2018


TICKET UPDATE : passwords no longer required to access early bird tickets. Early bird cruise tickets are SOLD OUT, regular price cruise tickets remain but are selling crazy fast.

There are still some no cruise weekend passes left at the early bird price of just $99, but those go up to full price on March 1st! Get them while you can, that is a crazy steal of a bargain for a full weekend jammed with world-class events and entertainment!

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