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Posted on Jul 26, 2023


Greetings to all Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023 ticket holders!  Thank you for supporting VFW, Restricted Entertainment, and being a part of the sex-positive community!

VFW2023 officially starts TOMORROW at the Meet & Greet at Numbers Cabaret, which is completely free, casual, no cover and no dress code, but of course we do encourage people to dress up, and many people do!

This is your reminder that all the daytime free meetups (Saturday Fetish Walk, Pub Meetup and Monday Beach Day) are all no dress code and casual affairs, all the main club events and cruise are FETISH DRESS CODE!

The fetish dress code is a huge part of what makes the events as special as they are, as every single person contributes to the incredible immersive vibe!

Plainclothes are not allowed – yes, that also means no plain fabric suits, even if they’re “snazzy.” No effort at presenting a fetish look = no entry, no refunds.

For a full listing of dress code do’s and don’ts, click HERE.

Many people go ALL OUT with extravagant and elaborate outfits, outfits do not have to be expensive – just fun and creative – but make no mistake, you *will* be rejected if you try and enter in a plain work or clubbing outfit that you could wear on the street or a normal club.  Do not disappoint yourself or your friends, or our dress code authorities at the door!  Their word is final say!

If you don’t have an oufit yet, time to treat yourself with a shopping trip!  We highly recommend :

DEADLY COUTURE – 1599 Venables St – (604) 688-3766

IN ADDITION – for the Friday event, while ANY and ALL fetish outfits are accepted, we highly encourage people to join in the optional WILD KINGDOM outfit theme! Just some ideas :


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Posted on Jul 23, 2023

July 29 – Fetish Walk, Group Photo & Pub Patio Meetup



Join us at a FREE daytime activity for added fun and social connection during Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023!

Get together with fetish friends for a daytime group photo at a public landmark close to the host hotel, then meet up for cold drinks, brunch and good times on the sunny outside patio deck at the Junction on Davie St!

Public appropriate fetish daywear highly encouraged but not required!

We will be sending down our videographers and photographers and some of the gathering will be in the official video of VFW2023!

Join us for the Walk at 2, or just meet at the Pub at 3!

The meetup is open to any and all friends who want to participate, whether they are going to Vancouver Fetish Weekend or not! Come hang out!

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Posted on Jul 22, 2023


There’s now less than a week to go before the start of Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023!

There are free daytime events where long time fetish enthusiasts as well as curious newcomers can connect, epic night time main events with 500-750 people in attendance, and of course the infamous VIP Fetish Cruise – which now has single day tickets available if you can only make one or two of the events, and want to join the fun!

100% fetish dress code, 300+ pervy party people getting wild on the waves off the beautiful coast of British Columbia, rope & kink play area installations thoughout, DJs, top deck dancing, pole dance performances, 360-degree views of the ocean and much more going on!

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Posted on Jul 21, 2023


JANE DOE LATEX at Vancouver Fetish Weekend from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

JUST RELEASED! Check out this absolutely stunning video of the Jane Doe Latex fashion show at Vancouver Fetish Weekend last year, presented by designer Nina Kate, celebrating the diversity and creative potential of fetish fashion!

We absolutely adore every second of this video, and the outfits and model pairings were perfection. This just might be one of our favourite runway shows at VFW ever! You can find a link to her website below, to explore or shop for more of Jane Doe Latex’s spectacular work.

VFW only ever features two designers per year, and the runway show is an integral part of the experience at the main event. This is getting us VERY excited for this year’s festival, coming up in less than a week!

Jane Doe Latex website :

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Posted on Jul 19, 2023

BLACKLICKORISH LATEX fashion show video!

BLACKLICKORISH LATEX at Vancouver Fetish Weekend from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

JUST RELEASED! Check out this absolutely stunning video of the Blacklickorish Latex fetish fashion show at Vancouver Fetish Weekend last year, presented by designer Alyssa Norman, celebrating not only latex fashion, but also the wonderful diversity of sexuality! Alyssa and all her models and show crew absolutely killed this show, with a huge response from the audience!

VFW only ever features two designers per year, and the runway show is an integral part of the experience at the main event. This is getting us VERY excited for this year’s festival!

Blacklickorish Latex website :

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Posted on Jul 17, 2023


Can you believe there’s just 10 days to go before the official launch of the 9th annual Vancouver Fetish Weekend, when we gather together our fetish friends & community from across the world, and invite them into our beautiful city to mix with our local family of kinky party folk?

Whether you are a long time member of the local kink scene or just thinking about coming out to your first event, VFW is by far the most exciting time of year, when our local sandbox is positively overflowing with new playmates and energy pouring into it from far and wide!

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Posted on Jul 14, 2023



Courtesy of Frankie Panky, here’s a little gallery from the 2022 Meet & Greet! This event is casual, free, no dress code, but of course, many people dress up anyway! It’s also a great night to bring out friends who might be first timers and are nervous about diving in off the deep end into the kink community at our biggest event of of the year! The Meet & Greet is a great way to take that first dip … and emotions are always running high as friends from the community connect in the flesh after long absences apart!

Click through to see the full gallery!

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Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Best Of VFW – Red Carpet 2022 (NSFW)

Best Of VFW – Red Carpet 2022 (NSFW) from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

Hosts, designers, performers and excited attendees from all over the world let you know what Vancouver Fetish Weekend is all about, what makes it so special, and why it draws so many people from so many communities together. We LOVE this video as it not only showcases the incredible diversity of attendees, who are the heart and soul of the festival, but also highlights the sassy, light-hearted and welcoming vibe that VFW is known for!

Click that PLAY button and get ready for a serious dose of over the top eye candy!

VFW fast approaches at the end of July! Don’t have tickets? At the time of this posting, weekend passes + cruise are over 3/4 gone! Grab yours soon before they are SOLD OUT!

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE! Thank you to Stu MacKay-Smith and his team for the many, many hours of hard work that went into producing this phenomenal vide, and to our red carpet hosts, Sly Foxxx and Evilyn13!

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Posted on Jul 3, 2023

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023 – Official Promo Video

July 27-31, 2023 – Meet, party, and play with local and global fetish enthusiasts from all over the world as the international community of fetish partiers, performers, models, designers, artists and photographers descend on Vancouver at a truly world-class weekend of unforgettable fun, exotic & erotic events! Book the time off work and start looking at plane tickets and hotels, because this is the new DO NOT MISS fetish weekend on the international scene!

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Posted on Jun 29, 2023

VFW2022 Sunday Cruise & Closing Party Photos (by Jonny Ray)

The countdown is on! Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023 is in just a few weeks! Here’s a fresh & hot new gallery with tons of incredible photos of wonderful people having the time of their lives on the VIP Fetish Cruise and at the 2022 closing party! This collection of photos really highlights the joyous and liberated vibe of the festival, with people from every walk of life celebrating their wild side in a positive & accepting environment! VFW is truly a one of a kind experience!

All images by Jonny Ray Photography! The amount of incredible outfits, diversity of amazingly fun pervy people and personalities, and excitement and energy pouring out of every single person in every single photo, is exactly the reason why we put in so much work behind the scenes to make this festival happen! Each and every person who comes brings something a little something special for all of us to enjoy, together, in the flesh!

Click through to see the full gallery!

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