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Posted on Jun 10, 2024


Today is the LAST day available for booking into our group block at our host hotel and taking advantage of our excellent advance booking discount rate! After today, all rooms are full price, which have set record levels this year in Vancouver.

Both our group block and the hotel in general recently SOLD OUT, but there have been some cancellations in the last few days. It is absolutely worth checking with the hotel today, either online or by phone call, to see if a room has opened up and become available again! Make sure to reference the VFW group block!

We highly encourage any kinksters who are planning on coming to VFW2024, but who haven’t worked out accommodation yet, to check in with the hotel ASAP today! You might get lucky!


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Posted on Jun 9, 2024


Every year at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we feature a bonus theme for the Friday Grand Opening Party! This year’s theme is HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY! This can be quite literal – wear a harness! It is a fetish outfit staple, can be worn on its own, layered with other elements such as latex, and there is an endless amount of different types and styles ranging from complex to super simple.

Kinksters are keenly aware that attire can mean so much more than just the clothes you wear. Just like music, your attire can instill entirely different levels and changes to your confidence and character. Many people regard getting into their fetish attire as a chance to take off the mask they are forced to wear in “normal” society, and a chance to unleash their inner creativity and character. At fetish events this is both welcomed and celebrated!

For the Friday event, we encourage people to also go beyond the literal meaning of the word harness as an outfit, and also wear any kind of outfit which allows you to HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY and take charge of your identity and self-expression! This can be a super simple outfit or bare as you dare (g-string minimum in public events of course), right through to exxxtra extravagant ensembles! Anything that makes you feel sexy and strong!

In addition to the Friday night Opening Party, there is also our Thursday Meet & Greet, which is a FREE party with no dress code, where people can start the weekend off in a more casual environment, but also bring curious friends who are interested in taking part who perhaps haven’t been before! However, many people also go full on and dress head to toe fetish on Thursday as well!

Saturday day there is a group fetish walk through the city, stopping for photos out and about in beautiful Vancouver, with the main event Saturday night, where your absolute biggest and most incredible fetish looks are encouraged!

Sunday day is the VIP Fetish Cruise, followed by the XXX-themed closing Bondage Ball strip club takeover.

Several of the events are close to selling out already so we highly encourage everyone to secure their tickets early and get ready to take part in the 10 YEAY ANNIVERSARY of the biggest kink event in Vancouver, and indeed, one of the fastest growing kink events in North America!

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Posted on Jun 7, 2024


Have a hotel room booked for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024, but your plans have changed? Cancel it ASAP so another kink traveller can use the discount on the room! Our group block is SOLD OUT and our advance booking discount ends June 10! So if you cancel before that, and someone else is able to grab it, they will still be able to take advantage of our group discount and save a significant amount on the room! Help out your kink community!

You do still have up to two weeks before the event to cancel your room and still get a full refund, but if you cancel after June 10, the room is released back at full rate, which is currently $200+ more than our discounted group block!

The host hotel is in fact 100% sold out overall with zero rooms remaining, so cancelling your room early might make the difference between another traveller being able to come or not due to accommodations in the city being so scarce in our spectacular summer months!

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Posted on Jun 6, 2024


Our host hotel for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024 is now 100% completely sold out!

This was our biggest group block to date, and all rooms set aside for VFW are now gone, snapped up by eager kinksters! Other than our festival’s group block, the entire hotel is also now sold out, with zero rooms available, even beyond our group block. Anyone looking for accommodation now in the city will now need to look elsewhere, however, it is always worth contacting our host hotel directly if you are still looking for a room late in the game, as late cancellations do happen, and small quantities of rooms do become available intermittently. You might get lucky!

We do of course encourage everyone to stay at the host hotel if possible, to facilitate staying connected with as many of the other participants of the festival as possible! It is definitely going to be a vibe with so many local and international kinksters under one roof!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the strong show of support and interest in VFW this year … we are already in talks to grow our group block even further for next year!

For more information on our host hotel, click –> HERE

And for anyone who hasn’t already, don’t delay on picking up your tickets for Vancouver Fetish Weekend ASAP! Several of our events are getting close to being sold out as well!

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Posted on May 24, 2024


We are ecstatic to announce our second and final designer for VFW2024, all the way from the UK : the amazing HOUSE OF HARLOT!

Latex Rubber Fetish Fashion Handmade in London since 1991! House of Harlot is a company of skilled artisans who manufacture fabulous garments, specialising in latex rubber for A-list clients and the fetish scene. They supply the fetish scene world with outstanding tailor-made garments, as well as collaborating with numerous luxury high-fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior on special pieces and collections for catwalk shows in Paris, London and New York Fashion weeks, and now about to add Vancouver Fetish Weekend for their Canadian debut.

House Of Harlot also regularly supply celebrities in music, media and anyone with a taste for the exceptional, taking pride in their amazing custom design work, collaborating with clients to produce their unique fantasy visions in latex rubber and one-of-a-kind bespoke creations.

House of Harlot is curated by their bad-ass Girl Boss Iris Trika, also known professionally as Iris The Spider, who has been in command of House of Harlot since 2016. Iris goes above and beyond to push the limits of social boundaries for latex clothing to liberate you. Dressing for the gender fluid, gothic and playful crowds, and fuelled by love for controlled chaos, pleasure and ecstasy, Iris is at the front line of alternative fashion, bring you the hottest designs of alternative latex in the fetish scene.

Anything your heart desires, Iris The Spider and House Of Harlot cater to designing custom outfits for any alternative sub-cultures you want, from Fetish & Latex Visions and beyond, to Pastel Goth to Vintage to Punk to Fantasy Extravaganza and much more!

If you would like your own customised couture outfit, contact them to book a consultation, or shop House Of Harlot’s current collections online at their website.

Model Submissions :
House Of Harlot will be accepting model submissions to fill a limited number of spots for their showcase. POC / female / male / non-binary / trans and every type of body welcome. If interested, please send an email to :

Please be sure to include at least one photo of your current look, any relevant model, performer or runway experience, and any links to Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Check out more of House Of Harlot at their Instagram / Official Website / and Facebook Page.

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Posted on May 2, 2024


We are ecstatic to announce that we will indeed be having a full scale runway fashion show at the Saturday main event of Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024! Our first designer announcement is DARK GARDEN CORSETRY!

Based out of San Francisco and New Orleans, Dark Garden Corsetry is the work of executive creative director Autumn Adamme. Initially began selling her historically-inspired designs to friends and colleagues in 1989. In 1993, Autumn realized her true calling and began focusing on corsetry, working with clients ranging from modern brides to San Francisco’s famous court of queers. Options were slim at that time and Autumn knew that if she wanted comfortable and high-quality corsetry, she would have to make it herself!

Supporting uncommon beauty is DGC’s goal. That means appreciating the beauty in every single client they meet, and working with them to cultivate a style that embraces your best self. Every size, every gender, every shape, every aesthetic is welcome in their boutique. What they don’t have in stock, they can make. They pride themselves on the high degree of customization of fit and style they offer in their Made-to-Order corsets, and their Bespoke corsetry and Couture ensembles provide the utmost in custom fit and design.

They have had several landmark moments since 1989! After a few moves, they settled into their current location on Linden Street in 1997. In 2001, the standard fit collection launched, and it remains the only corset line based on a true average of modern bodies. They welcomed Kalico Delafay to our design team in 2010 with her signature Dollymop silhouette.

Dita Von Teese commissioned her first Dark Garden corset in 1996, and it was in a Dark Garden corset that she graced the cover of Playboy in 2002, 2015 and 2016 saw a cross-continental cameo collaboration with the famed Mister Pearl.

Their dedication to quality is possible thanks to their unique on-site production process. Step behind the curtains of their boutique and you’ll find their workroom, humming with the activity of our expert production team. This setup allows them the flexibility of an independent corsetiere with the reliability of full-scale manufacturing. They employ a team of five cutters, stitchers, and drafters who work closely together to fulfill Autumn’s visions of small-batch corsetry. Autumn remains intimately involved in the process of fitting bespoke corsets as well as prototyping new designs and construction techniques.

Model Submissions :
Dark Garden Corsetry will be accepting model submissions to fill a limited number of spots for their showcase. POC / female / male / non-binary / trans and every type of body welcome. If interested, please send an email to :

Please be sure to include at least one photo of your current look, any relevant model, performer or runway experience, and any links to Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Check out more of Dark Garden Corsetry at their Instagram / Official Website / and Facebook Page.

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Posted on Apr 30, 2024


Check out this killer video featuring the debut runway fashion show by Sinners And Pervs Latex at Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023! Featuring high-quality, meticulously crafted latex clothing designs, accessories and inflatables, Sinners And Pervs is the work of Vancouver based designer Shawn Albert. With this show, S&P instantly leaped onto the world stage, blowing everyone away with his inventive and playful concepts, brought to life on the runway by a cast of local and international models!

VFW only ever features two designers per year, and the runway show is an integral part of the experience at the main event. This is getting us VERY excited for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024, coming up large July 25-29!

Check out Sinners & Pervs at their –> Instagram
Ordering & Inquiries :

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Posted on Apr 22, 2024

DAN MIGA DESIGNS Fashion Show Video!

JUST RELEASED!! Check out this absolutely stunning video of the DAN MIGA DESIGNS fetish fashion show at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, presented by Dan Miga & Angela Ryan from Dallas, Texas, along with an assembled team of models from around the world. Together they present leather and latex fetish fashions with over 20 years of experience, specializing in historically accurate designs in a multitude of mediums. Please share far and wide!

VFW only ever features two designers per year, and the runway show is an integral part of the experience at the main event. This is getting us VERY excited for Vancouver Fetish Weekend’s 10 Year Anniversary, coming up large July 25-29, 2024!

Check out more of Dan Miga Designs at their : Website / Instagram

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Posted on Apr 11, 2024


VFW2023 was our biggest gathering of local and international kinksters in Vancouver to date, and Zemekiss Photography was there to capture it all, from the casual Meet & Greet on Thursday, through to the main club events on Friday & Saturday, to the absolutely over the top VIP Fetish Cruise, and finally the intimate closing party at the Penthouse! 2023 saw a big leap in attendance, excitement, and level of fetish fashions throughout the festival … including some absolutely incredible latex ensembles, one of Zemekiss’s favourite photography subjects!

Please share these photos far and wide, but also please try to credit the event and photographer by either adding hashtags or tagging us on Instagram! Plus, if you tag Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we can share your post on our story when we get the notification!

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Posted on Apr 9, 2024


Buy Tickets

Single day tickets for the Friday & Saturday main club events of Vancouver Fetish Weekend launch today!

Note that all Super, Early Bird and General Admission tickets give same access to all areas of each event, they are just more discounted the earlier the snap them up! The only difference is how much $ you save from getting your tickets in hand early!

WEEKEND PASS UPDATE – Weekend passes have been selling at an all-time record rate, and the Fetish Cruise on Sunday is now OVER 2/3 sold out and going fast! Note that the only way to get access to this party is through a VIP Weekend Pass + Cruise ticket!

Please note – there are no single day VIP or priority entry passes, single day tickets are all regular entry. The only way to get VIP / priority entry is through having a weekend pass, which gives priority entry over single day ticket holders and at-the-door ticket purchasers.

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