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Posted on Jul 28, 2020


A huge, huge, HUGE thank you everyone who joined this past weekend for Vancouver Fetish Weekend’s ONLINE festival.

While obviously we couldn’t have our full-scale in the flesh gathering of 8 events over 5 days as usual, we leapt at the opportunity to use the connecting powers of the internet to bring people together with three days of online events instead as the next best thing. In the end we had 15 DJs representing alternative and fetish communities from 10 cities around the world participate, along with many hundreds of people from music fans tuning in to just the Twitch livestream and chat, to full on kinksters getting wild in the more private Zoom group video parties.

We loved seeing you all together and feeling all the energy connecting us all, quarantine be damned! In particular for us in Vancouver, this is RIGHT when the heatwaves start and summer truly feels to have arrived, and is when the city is in the days right before the launch of gay pride celebrations, and the uplifting feeling was a shot of positivity in the heart, minds and souls that I think everyone needed <3

Fate and fortune willing, that this all is settled by next summer, we will be BACK in the flesh and able to meet in person again in late July for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2021, meeting old friends and new, in our corner of the world in beautiful Vancouver.

VFW2021 Event Listing on Facebook :

We DO livestream as DJ Pandemonium and Evilyn13 from our Restricted Entertainment HQ up to 3x a week, and we do our monthly Sin City Fetish Night on the second weekend of every month, but the energy of Vancouver Fetish Weekend is on a whole other level beyond any of that, and only happens once per year. It really is a special thing with a community all on its own that has grown up over the last 8+ years, and it transcends everything else that we do, because of the energy and heart and soul that so many people from so many places put into it.

We love you and miss you all and feel very thankful to have you in our lives, whether as new or old attendees in person, or just followers online enjoying what we do!


Isaac T / DJ Pandemonium
Restricted Entertainment / Vancouver Fetish Weekend