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Posted on Jun 11, 2020


THIS SATURDAY! Livestream, live DJs and public chat from 7pm-3am, private Zoom video party & chat from 9pm-2am.

The link and password to join the video party will appear RIGHT HERE at approx 8:45 PM Saturday night.

Note that to join you will need to be in fetish attire, and enter a password, which will also be emailed out to the VFW Newsletter list at 8:45 PM Saturday night. Make sure you are signed up before that! You can unsubscribe anytime. Once you are signed up you do not need to do anything else, just wait for the email and the link to arrive in your inbox, and you’ll be good to go!


This is a FREE eight-hour event, but it would be HUGELY appreciated if you could support the organizers and artists working to give us somewhere to come together by buying a virtual ‘ticket’ and thereby making a donation, at one of the links above!

Seeing as how -in-the-flesh fetish gatherings don’t look to be possible any time soon, the Sin City and Vancouver Fetish Weekend crew are gearing up to bring you the next best (and MUCH NEEDED) thing – an online fetish party for the local and international kink community. Join us, share the event and invite friends! Read on for more info!


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Posted on May 20, 2020

May 30/31 | PLANET PERV – Online Fetish Festival


Join us at PLANET PERV, a FREE two-day online party for the international kink community, as well as their kink-curious friends and newcomers! Please help boost the signal and SHARE this event to all your like-minded filthy friends who are just aching for a big fetish party!

Take the opportunity to dress up and join the private fetish group video party, or just listen in to the public livestream and dance to our DJs! And of course text chat with your fetish friends from all over the world!

Organized with pride by Vancouver Fetish Weekend, with the help of many friends from Montreal, New York, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Montreal and Dallas.

No matter where you live or call home, you are most welcome to join us at this event!

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Posted on Apr 24, 2020


(Photo : Zemekiss / Models : MsSinstress, PrettyFilthy & Sinful Vainglory)

In solidarity with the global response to help contain and overcome the Corona Virus pandemic, it is with great sadness that we announce the postponement of Vancouver Fetish Weekend to the summer of 2021. While our beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada in general has been faring fairly well as compared to many other countries which are suffering far longer timelines in getting things under control within their borders, it is very clear that at this point, large in-person gatherings will not be possible before the end of summer, and air travel will not return to normal for quite some time.

While we recognize that the understanding of the virus and disease outbreak at the heart of the pandemic is evolving, with new information and projected timelines coming out daily, we do not want to reschedule based on hopeful guesses, only to have people have to juggle and re-juggle plans multiple times. We will not be announcing any ticket sales or fully confirmed rescheduled dates until a completely solid all clear has been given by all relevant health authorities, so that once ticket sales do start up for the rescheduled dates, all our guests can be one hundred percent confident in making plans to take part.

Click through for the full news bulletin!

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Posted on Apr 15, 2020

May 9 – Online Kink Party – Come One, Come All!


A big fat HUGE thank you to everyone who joined in the first kink party on April 11! We’re doing another one in May! We are pretty blown away by how many people locally and from all over the world joined in the livestream and the kinky video chat party … which was fabulously filthy and fun, but most of all, a much needed social gathering spot for people to connect. Join us, and please share the event to boost the signal to all our like-minded pervy friends out there!


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Posted on Apr 6, 2020

Saturday April 11 – Virtual Kinky Club Party!

Seeing as how -in-the-flesh fetish gatherings don’t look to be possible any time soon, the Sin City and Vancouver Fetish Weekend crew are gearing up to bring you the next best (and MUCH NEEDED) thing this Saturday – an online fetish party, complete with group video chat and livestream DJ mix! Join us, share the event and invite friends! Click through for more info.


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Posted on Apr 3, 2020

2020 Quarantine, Event & Ticket Update

Hello to all our friends and extended fetish family in the international kink community! Rest assured we have indeed been getting all the emails and inquiries from people asking what the global Covid-19 health crisis and quarantine measures mean for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2020.

Obviously, like everyone, we hope that a gathering of some sort is still possible on the weekend VFW was originally planned for, but the reality is that this is by no means certain as the global pandemic continues and the information and timelines surrounding quarantine and safety measures evolve each day. Whatever happens, we are taking everyone’s safety as our first priority, and as our first consideration when looking at the timelines of what may still be possible.

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Posted on Apr 2, 2020

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019 | Fucken Gerry Gallery

It took awhile, but it’s worth the wait! Here’s the highly anticipated gallery from Fucken Gerry from Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019, starting with the first moments of the Meet & Greet on Thursday, right through to the sunset of the world famous VFW Fetish Cruise on the Sunday! Can it be summer again?

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Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019 – Photo Booth Gallery

Here’s over 1000+ photos from the official photo booth of Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019, hosted by Jonny Ray Photo Studio! The photo booth gallery is always one of our favourites, as these are primarily photos of our wonderful attendees in full party mode, captured right in the heat of the moment during the main Friday & Saturday events of the Weekend. You can clearly see from everyone’s happy & excited energy that they are having an incredible time, feeling sexy and loving being surrounded by their fetish friends from all over the world. People REALLY brought their A-game to both the 7 Deadly Sins Ball on the Friday and the 7 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball on the Saturday!

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Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019 by Zemekiss (1000+ Photos)

Always one of the most highly anticipated photo sets from the events every year, here is the official VFW2019 gallery from Zemekiss Photography! It covers everything from the casual Meet & Greet on Thursday, which had no dress code but where loads of people dressed up in knockout outfits anyway, through to the main events of the weekend, including the 7 Deadly Sins Fetish Ball, the 7 Year Anniversary Party, the VIP Fetish Cruise and more!

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