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Posted on Jul 19, 2023

BLACKLICKORISH LATEX fashion show video!

BLACKLICKORISH LATEX at Vancouver Fetish Weekend from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

JUST RELEASED! Check out this absolutely stunning video of the Blacklickorish Latex fetish fashion show at Vancouver Fetish Weekend last year, presented by designer Alyssa Norman, celebrating not only latex fashion, but also the wonderful diversity of sexuality! Alyssa and all her models and show crew absolutely killed this show, with a huge response from the audience! You can find a link to her website below.

(Note – the video is minorly NSFW due to one model being in translucent latex but all models, outfits and footage is otherwise Facebook and Instagram terms of service compliant!)

VFW only ever features two designers per year, and the runway show is an integral part of the experience at the main event. This is getting us VERY excited for this year’s festival!

Blacklickorish Latex website :