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Posted on Apr 11, 2024


VFW2023 was our biggest gathering of local and international kinksters in Vancouver to date, and Zemekiss Photography was there to capture it all, from the casual Meet & Greet on Thursday, through to the main club events on Friday & Saturday, to the absolutely over the top VIP Fetish Cruise, and finally the intimate closing party at the Penthouse! 2023 saw a big leap in attendance, excitement, and level of fetish fashions throughout the festival … including some absolutely incredible latex ensembles, one of Zemekiss’s favourite photography subjects!

Please share these photos far and wide, but also please try to credit the event and photographer by either adding hashtags or tagging us on Instagram! Plus, if you tag Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we can share your post on our story when we get the notification!

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Posted on Apr 9, 2024


Buy Tickets

Single day tickets for the Friday & Saturday main club events of Vancouver Fetish Weekend launch today!

Note that all Super, Early Bird and General Admission tickets give same access to all areas of each event, they are just more discounted the earlier the snap them up! The only difference is how much $ you save from getting your tickets in hand early!

WEEKEND PASS UPDATE – Weekend passes have been selling at an all-time record rate, and the Fetish Cruise on Sunday is now OVER 2/3 sold out and going fast! Note that the only way to get access to this party is through a VIP Weekend Pass + Cruise ticket!

Please note – there are no single day VIP or priority entry passes, single day tickets are all regular entry. The only way to get VIP / priority entry is through having a weekend pass, which gives priority entry over single day ticket holders and at-the-door ticket purchasers.

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Posted on Jan 15, 2024

VFW2023 Fetish Cruise Photos (by Jonny Ray)

Giving you some summer kink vibes to look forward to, here’s the fresh & hot FIRST GALLERY FROM THE VFW2023 FETISH CRUISE, featuring hundreds of wonderful people from all over the world having the time of their lives out on the waves off the coast of beautiful British Columbia! This collection of photos really highlights the joyous and liberated vibe of the festival, with people from every walk of life celebrating their wild side in a positive & accepting environment! VFW is truly a one of a kind experience, and many call the Fetish Cruise quite possibly the single most fun kink event of the year!

All images by Jonny Ray Photography! The amount of incredible outfits, diversity of amazingly fun pervy people and personalities, and excitement and energy pouring out of every single person in every single photo, is exactly the reason why we put in so much work behind the scenes to make this festival happen! Each and every person who comes brings something a little something special for all of us to enjoy, together, in the flesh!

Click through to see the whole gallery!

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Posted on Jan 13, 2024


It’s official, we have a release date for tickets!  Weekend passes launch Jan 16th at 2 PM, with single day tickets launching April 9th.  We are expecting a record turnout this year with many of the events selling out, so more than ever it is HIGHLY recommended to be ready to pounce on your tickets ASAP!


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Posted on Aug 30, 2023

VFW2023 Main Event Highlight Video!

JUST RELEASED! FIRST LOOKS and new main event highlight video from Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023!

It’s two minutes of delicious fetish festival eye candy, featuring many of our performers, dancers, designers, models, DJs, and of course, our wonderful attendees!

This is all getting us even MORE excited for our 10 year anniversary Fetish Weekend coming up next year!

Many thanks to Wettworker for shooting and editing this video!

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Posted on Aug 3, 2023


The last few trucks have been unloaded, all gear has been returned, and other than a few select kinksters who have stayed in Vancouver the extra week to experience the upcoming Gay Pride Weekend, all our international traveller fetish friends have returned home, drawing an official close to Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2023, by FAR the biggest one yet!

There’s already a sneak peek quick picks photo gallery up on the VFW website! Go check it out –> HERE

A GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who attended and brought your boundless creativity, energy and sexy self-expression to all the events! Without you, there is no festival! While the attendance grew about 20% bigger this year in terms of overall numbers, it absolutely felt like it grew by leaps and bounds way above that in terms of how hard everyone BROUGHT IT! Especial thank you to the rubber community who were a major force all weekend!

Thank you to our amazing performers and DJs! There were so many moments at all of the events that had all of our jaws dropping and causing the hugest roars from the audience!

Thank you to all the staff and venues who welcomed us in, loved every moment of having us there, and were so accommodating to all our crazy needs and requests for all the unique requirements that events like ours need to get the vibe just right.

Thank you to all our hard working volunteers and show staff who were there many hours before doors opened at every event, and also there hours afterwards! Not to mention our admissions team, dress code, dungeon monitors and hosts and consent staff, all of whom are the backbone of being able to keep our events a 100% immersive kink environment, as well as a safe & sane place to play.

Can you believe next year is the Vancouver Fetish Weekend 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY? We are expecting a HUGE jump in attendance! We will be making tickets and hotel bookings available MUCH earlier this year, to facilitate everyone making plans further out, so please keep an eye out for news of when they go live!

The event listings on Facebook and Fetlife are already up! Make sure to click on GOING, and to sign up to the Newsletter at the VFW website, to get notice of tickets and hotels the second it happens!


Humbly yours,

Isaac T / DJ Pandemonium
Restricted Entertainment / Vancouver Fetish Weekend

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Posted on Aug 3, 2023


Ready to relive the many magical moments from the festival this past weekend?  Or see what you missed?  Here’s some quick pick sneak peeks, already conjured up by our staff photographer Frankie Panky!  There are many more coming, as well as a lost gallery from 2022, so make sure and check back to the VFW website, or sign up to the Newsletter!

Click through to see the whole gallery!

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Posted on Jul 31, 2023


Join a group day trip to the legendary and stunning clothing-optional Wreck Breach with all your kink community friends! Free shuttle from the host hotel for all VFW weekend pass holders … it’s the perfect way to unwind and spend quality social time with all the people you spent time with over the weekend! Read on for more information ….

If you didn’t get a weekend pass and thus don’t have access to the bus, you’re still of course more than welcome to make your own way to the beach and join us there!

Shuttle info at a glance :

Shuttles leave the host hotel 1 and 3 PM

Shuttles leave Wreck Beach at 8 PM and approx 9:30 PM (immediately after sunset)

FREE for all VFW weekend pass holders

Non-weekend-pass-holder attendees are welcome to jump in any unused seats on each trip in the off chance there are still empty seats at departure, but priority will always go to VFW weekend pass holders first!

Pickup and drop off location downtown is the Holiday Inn at 1110 Howe St, just off Davie.

Note that each shuttle can holds about 45 people, for a total of 90 people between the two shuttles. Seating is strictly first come first serve!


When you get there, look for the rainbow umbrellas!  This is base camp where Vancouver Fetish Weekend attendees will be setting up!  Feel free to join our group, or, set up anywhere you like on the beach!

What you need to bring :

– blanket & towel (or rent one from one of the local vendors)
– water & refreshments (no open alcohol is permitted but the beach is very relaxed if you keep things subtle & well behaved. Bring sippy cups for your drinks and all will be good!)
– food & snacks (there are many vendors on Wreck Beach where you can buy food & drink if you prefer, or you can bring your own in!)
– beach attire (see the next section!)
– sunblock – it’s gonna be HOT!
– hats or umbrellas if the sun is not your friend

ALL VFW WEEKEND PASS HOLDER ATTENDEES will also be getting a free freezie on the beach from our good friend and long-time kink community member FREEZIE TIM. We really can’t oversell enough how tasty his treats are …. just an added bonus and thank you to everyone who spent the weekend with us!

Beach attire – nude or not, it’s all good!

Wreck Beach is a legendary clothing optional beach, and has been for decades! Many people wear normal beach attire with tops and bottom bits covered, while many go fully nude, or in very small beach wear, and all are welcome and accepted. Wreck Beach has a very open, & accepting, fun-loving, body-positive and respectful vibe, and however you wish to dress, you will feel comfortable and welcomed, and have a phenomenal time.


Warning – stairs ahead!

Be aware that there is an easy but long stairway down to Wreck Beach! There are places to stop and sit along the way but it is definitely a hike! The tradeoff is – the beach is completely surrounded by nothing but water, trees, mountains and sand, with absolutely zero buildings or man-made structures in sight, other than what’s on the beach. The sun sets over the horizon right in the middle the water … truly an amazing spot to decompress from a wild weekend!


Ends at sunset, leave no trace!

There’s always a killer vibe at the magical moment when the sun slips under the horizon, and then it’s time to gather up everything and leave ASAP as it gets very dark, very fast, and it’s a hike up the long stairway. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE gathering – not a scrap of paper gets left on the beach, everything gets collected and taken out with us! Head upstairs immediately to catch our last shuttle back to downtown Vancouver.

No cameras, be respectful!

As this is a clothing optional beach, cameras and photos are highly frowned upon anywhere at Wreck Beach. This is a relaxed and respectful body-positive community gathering!

Any further questions, feel free to write in via the contact page!

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Posted on Jul 30, 2023




Yes, we still have single day tickets available for the Cruise, if you are just deciding today you want to come!  Limited supply, first come, first serve, cash only!

The boarding spot is behind the Westin Bayshore!  Please give yourself extra time to park and walk down to the boat – it always takes longer than you expect and you do NOT want to get left behind!  No refunds if you are late and the ship literally sails without you!

The limo bus shuttle afterwards drops you off at the closing party at the Penthouse strip club, which is a short walk from the host hotel!

Please note, we have a crepe truck coming which will be parked outside the Penthouse, for those wondering about getting something to eat after the Cruise!  Chou Chou crepes has sweet, savoury and decadent options, and you can indulge right in front of the venue without having to change out of fetish wear!

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