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Posted on Jul 10, 2024


Want to level up your party experience on Saturday July 27 at the 10 Year Anniversary main event of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, and treat yourself and your friends?

If interested in more information about booking a VIP booth or bottle service, send an email to :

Minimum purchase of one bottle gets you a comfy reserved booth at a prime spot in the club, for you to make home base for your crew, seating 8-10, along with all the fixings so you can pour yourselves drinks at your leisure, without needing to head to the bar!

Please note – bottle service does not include admission to the event, which is a separate charge.  Bottle service is handled directly by the venue, not the event organizers!

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Posted on Jul 9, 2024


Best Of VFW – Red Carpet Interviews (NSFW) from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

Check out this red carpet video, featuring a great snapshot of what to expect at the upcoming Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024 festival! It’s a great collection of moments from the perspective of excited attendees, showing what everyone attending is going to be experience … and of course highlighting the many amazing outfits that people put together to add to the experience!

If you are first timer thinking of coming, this video is a must watch, as it absolutely illustrates how open and welcoming the festival is to everyone at all levels of experience with the fetish party scene. On a personal note, it also highlights how much the festival is focused on FUN.

Also included are hosts, designers, and performers from all over the world, letting you know what Vancouver Fetish Weekend is all about, what makes it so special, and why it draws so many people from so many communities together.

We LOVE this video as it not only showcases the incredible diversity of attendees, who are the heart and soul of the festival, but also highlights the sassy, light-hearted and welcoming vibe that VFW is known for!

Click that PLAY button and get ready for a serious dose of over the top eye candy!

VFW fast approaches at the end of July! Don’t have tickets? At the time of this posting, weekend passes + cruise are over 80% gone! Grab yours soon before they are SOLD OUT!

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE! Thank you to Stu MacKay-Smith and his team for the many, many hours of hard work that went into producing this phenomenal vide, and to our red carpet hosts, Sly Foxxx and Evilyn13!

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Posted on Jul 5, 2024


Interested in vending at Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024?

With our main event, the 10 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball, happening this year on Saturday July 27 at the spectacular Harbour Event Centre, we have space for a full-on kinky fetish bazaar at the event!

If you are interested in making a vendor application or getting some more details,

Drop the VFW vendor co-ordinator Scarlett Sin an email at :


Make sure to make the subject line of your email “VFW VENDOR APPLICATION –“ followed by the name of your business!

Click through for more information!

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Posted on Jul 4, 2024


Out of all the different offerings across Vancouver Fetish Weekend, the VIP Fetish Cruise is the absolute jewel in the crown, do-not-miss event, which is unlike any other party in the world!  Join 350+ kinksters on the largest fetish dress code cruise party in North America as we set sail for naughty times on the high seas!


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Posted on Jul 3, 2024


Attention latex & rubber lovers! This year we are creating a whole new area dedicated and focused on latex play! Sponsored and hosted by Deadly Couture and MsPervology of Deadly Fetish Latex, look for the FETISH ZONE at the Saturday night 10 Year Anniversary Ball main event of the weekend!

There will be tons of fun extra goodies to play and pose with, photo ops with our staff photographers, plus padded areas and play equipment all geared towards heavy latex use. You do not need a special ticket or a VIP pass to access this area, and it is open to all attendees, but of course we will be giving priority use to anyone in latex & rubber wear.

This is in addition to the many other areas of the event and venue which are set up with BDSM and rope play equipment available for all sorts of play all night! Rest assured there are plenty of play options for everyone in attendance, in addition to the FETISH ZONE!

This is our challenge to the rubbersluts of the world to BRING IT ON! Show us your shiniest, sexiest or just plain strangest rubber looks!

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Posted on Jun 27, 2024

Get ready for VFWX!

❌ All my X’s live in …. VANCOUVER! Get ready for the 10 Year Anniversary of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, which we’re unofficially also calling VFWX!

❌❌ Featuring day and night over the top and more casual meetups with fellow kinksters from all over the world, in large scale gatherings in clubs, patios, renovated theatres, private yachts and beaches, where all are free to let out your wild side, with your favourite fetish outfits that make you feel sexy & strong … with an added (bonus theme only!) encouraging creative ways you can express the themes of : TEN, X, XXX, HARNESSES …

❌❌❌ Hosted by the enigmatic VIRGIN X !

❓ But who is Virgin X? More tantalizing details coming shortly ….

🤗 VFWX invites, welcomes and celebrates all colours, body shapes and sizes, all age groups 19-65+, all sexual preferences, identities & expressions, gay, straight, trans, cross-dress, queer, femme, butch & beyond, singles, couples, poly, lifestylers, old schoolers and newcomers!


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Posted on Jun 21, 2024


Just in time to start the official final month countdown to Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024, here’s a long lost gallery from 2022 that has finally surfaced!  Good things are worth waiting for, but we’ll be the first to admit the wait on this one was a little extra ridiculous!  None the less, THIS GALLERY IS RED HOT, covering the main Friday & Saturday nights, and the Fetish Walk, which just happened to meet up on the rainbow crosswalk in the West End with the Vancouver Rubbermen!

There are so many amazing moments packed into this collection of images – everyone looked INCREDIBLE at our sci-fi theme ball on the opening night, and everyone’s outfits at the main event Saturday were completely mind-blowing.  Plus you can see the energy and happiness from all the kinksters having the time of their lives beaming out!  All our performers had standout moments, featuring Rubberdoll, Madam Lola, Melody Mangler, PM, Natasha Nebula, Val Vampyre, and even a main stage appearance by legendary Vancouver drag troupe THE BRATPACK!  Our two featured designers BLACKLICKORISH LATEX and JANE DOE LATEX and all their incredible models absolutely dazzled the runway … we expect to see a ton of people sharing these photos far and wide!

Click through to check out the full gallery of 1000+ photos!

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Posted on Jun 10, 2024


June 10 is the LAST day available for booking into our group block at our host hotel and taking advantage of our excellent advance booking discount rate! After that, all rooms are full price, which have set record levels this year in Vancouver.

Both our group block and the hotel in general are SOLD OUT, but there are always a few cancellations in the last few days. It is absolutely worth checking with the hotel right up until the end of the deadline, either online or by phone call, to see if a room has opened up and become available again! Make sure to reference the VFW group block!

We highly encourage any kinksters who are planning on coming to VFW2024, but who haven’t worked out accommodation yet, to check in with the hotel ASAP before the advance booking discount deadline ends! You might get lucky!


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Posted on Jun 9, 2024


Every year at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we feature a bonus theme for the Friday Grand Opening Party! This year’s theme is HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY! This can be quite literal – wear a harness! It is a fetish outfit staple, can be worn on its own, layered with other elements such as latex, and there is an endless amount of different types and styles ranging from complex to super simple.

Kinksters are keenly aware that attire can mean so much more than just the clothes you wear. Just like music, your attire can instill entirely different levels and changes to your confidence and character. Many people regard getting into their fetish attire as a chance to take off the mask they are forced to wear in “normal” society, and a chance to unleash their inner creativity and character. At fetish events this is both welcomed and celebrated!

For the Friday event, we encourage people to also go beyond the literal meaning of the word harness as an outfit, and also wear any kind of outfit which allows you to HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY and take charge of your identity and self-expression! This can be a super simple outfit or bare as you dare (g-string minimum in public events of course), right through to exxxtra extravagant ensembles! Anything that makes you feel sexy and strong!

In addition to the Friday night Opening Party, there is also our Thursday Meet & Greet, which is a FREE party with no dress code, where people can start the weekend off in a more casual environment, but also bring curious friends who are interested in taking part who perhaps haven’t been before! However, many people also go full on and dress head to toe fetish on Thursday as well!

Saturday day there is a group fetish walk through the city, stopping for photos out and about in beautiful Vancouver, with the main event Saturday night, where your absolute biggest and most incredible fetish looks are encouraged!

Sunday day is the VIP Fetish Cruise, followed by the XXX-themed closing Bondage Ball strip club takeover.

Several of the events are close to selling out already so we highly encourage everyone to secure their tickets early and get ready to take part in the 10 YEAY ANNIVERSARY of the biggest kink event in Vancouver, and indeed, one of the fastest growing kink events in North America!

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Posted on Jun 7, 2024


Have a hotel room booked for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2024, but your plans have changed? Cancel it ASAP so another kink traveller can use the discount on the room! Our group block is SOLD OUT and our advance booking discount ends June 10! So if you cancel before that, and someone else is able to grab it, they will still be able to take advantage of our group discount and save a significant amount on the room! Help out your kink community!

You do still have up to two weeks before the event to cancel your room and still get a full refund, but if you cancel after June 10, the room is released back at full rate, which is currently $200+ more than our discounted group block!

The host hotel is in fact 100% sold out overall with zero rooms remaining, so cancelling your room early might make the difference between another traveller being able to come or not due to accommodations in the city being so scarce in our spectacular summer months!

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