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Posted on Jun 27, 2024

Get ready for VFWX!

❌ All my X’s live in …. VANCOUVER! Get ready for the 10 Year Anniversary of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, which we’re unofficially also calling VFWX!

❌❌ Featuring day and night over the top and more casual meetups with fellow kinksters from all over the world, in large scale gatherings in clubs, patios, renovated theatres, private yachts and beaches, where all are free to let out your wild side, with your favourite fetish outfits that make you feel sexy & strong … with an added (bonus theme only!) encouraging creative ways you can express the themes of : TEN, X, XXX, HARNESSES …

❌❌❌ Hosted by the enigmatic VIRGIN X !

❓ But who is Virgin X? More tantalizing details coming shortly ….

🤗 VFWX invites, welcomes and celebrates all colours, body shapes and sizes, all age groups 19-65+, all sexual preferences, identities & expressions, gay, straight, trans, cross-dress, queer, femme, butch & beyond, singles, couples, poly, lifestylers, old schoolers and newcomers!