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Posted on Jun 9, 2024


Every year at Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we feature a bonus theme for the Friday Grand Opening Party! This year’s theme is HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY! This can be quite literal – wear a harness! It is a fetish outfit staple, can be worn on its own, layered with other elements such as latex, and there is an endless amount of different types and styles ranging from complex to super simple.

Kinksters are keenly aware that attire can mean so much more than just the clothes you wear. Just like music, your attire can instill entirely different levels and changes to your confidence and character. Many people regard getting into their fetish attire as a chance to take off the mask they are forced to wear in “normal” society, and a chance to unleash their inner creativity and character. At fetish events this is both welcomed and celebrated!

For the Friday event, we encourage people to also go beyond the literal meaning of the word harness as an outfit, and also wear any kind of outfit which allows you to HARNESS YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY and take charge of your identity and self-expression! This can be a super simple outfit or bare as you dare (g-string minimum in public events of course), right through to exxxtra extravagant ensembles! Anything that makes you feel sexy and strong!

In addition to the Friday night Opening Party, there is also our Thursday Meet & Greet, which is a FREE party with no dress code, where people can start the weekend off in a more casual environment, but also bring curious friends who are interested in taking part who perhaps haven’t been before! However, many people also go full on and dress head to toe fetish on Thursday as well!

Saturday day there is a group fetish walk through the city, stopping for photos out and about in beautiful Vancouver, with the main event Saturday night, where your absolute biggest and most incredible fetish looks are encouraged!

Sunday day is the VIP Fetish Cruise, followed by the XXX-themed closing Bondage Ball strip club takeover.

Several of the events are close to selling out already so we highly encourage everyone to secure their tickets early and get ready to take part in the 10 YEAY ANNIVERSARY of the biggest kink event in Vancouver, and indeed, one of the fastest growing kink events in North America!