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Posted on Apr 3, 2020

2020 Quarantine, Event & Ticket Update

Hello to all our friends and extended fetish family in the international kink community! Rest assured we have indeed been getting all the emails and inquiries from people asking what the global Covid-19 health crisis and quarantine measures mean for Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2020.

Obviously, like everyone, we hope that a gathering of some sort is still possible on the weekend VFW was originally planned for, but the reality is that this is by no means certain as the global pandemic continues and the information and timelines surrounding quarantine and safety measures evolve each day. Whatever happens, we are taking everyone’s safety as our first priority, and as our first consideration when looking at the timelines of what may still be possible.

Obviously we’re now past the date when we normally would have had tickets released and available for purchase. One thing we are firm on is that we will not be releasing tickets for sale until there is a full green light for large public gatherings again, and we can make a reasonable guarantee that all events will happen as we and our attendees will be expecting once the go ahead is given!  There is obviously a distinct (and growing) possibility that we will not be in an all-clear and green light situation by the end of July.

Though events like multi-day fetish festivals only happen with a tremendous amount of meticulous planning and scheduling, we are confident that even if we were to only have a short lead-in time, we can still bring together an incredible weekend for anyone who is still able to come. At this point we are of course making the assumption that if we are able to still have VFW at the end of July, it would likely be a smaller size than originally expected, due to a shorter lead in time, and of course since many people will be facing new financial and travel considerations and possible restrictions. However, we know many people have already purchased plane tickets and made plans to attend on this date, and we will do everything in our power to stay on the originally planned date if at all possible, if the quarantine restrictions have lifted and it is considered safe to assemble.

However, if the original date turns out not to be possible, we may consider looking at a date later in the year, if there seems to be enough people to support a rescheduling, and of course the last option would be simply rescheduling to summer of 2021. We will be posting and sending out updates via email and social media in order to keep people well informed.

Feel free to send any inquiries directly to VFW organizer Isaac T at :

Stay safe and hopefully we will see everyone together soon, in the glorious flesh!

~ Isaac T & the VFW team