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Posted on Jan 15, 2024

VFW2023 Fetish Cruise Photos (by Jonny Ray)

Giving you some summer kink vibes to look forward to, here’s the fresh & hot FIRST GALLERY FROM THE VFW2023 FETISH CRUISE, featuring hundreds of wonderful people from all over the world having the time of their lives out on the waves off the coast of beautiful British Columbia! This collection of photos really highlights the joyous and liberated vibe of the festival, with people from every walk of life celebrating their wild side in a positive & accepting environment! VFW is truly a one of a kind experience, and many call the Fetish Cruise quite possibly the single most fun kink event of the year!

All images by Jonny Ray Photography! The amount of incredible outfits, diversity of amazingly fun pervy people and personalities, and excitement and energy pouring out of every single person in every single photo, is exactly the reason why we put in so much work behind the scenes to make this festival happen! Each and every person who comes brings something a little something special for all of us to enjoy, together, in the flesh!

To see more of Jonny Ray’s work, visit his Instagram –> HERE

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Please note – repeat, it may take a while for the gallery to load, it is HUGE! Once the gallery has loaded, and you are in the pop-up viewing window, you can use the left and right arrow keys or swipe left and right to scroll through the gallery!