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Posted on Jul 23, 2019

666 Photos From Vancouver Fetish Weekend by Zemekiss


SURPRISE! We have ONE LAST PHOTO GALLERY from last year’s over the top kinky shenanigans to share with you, courtesy of Zemekiss Photography! We’re gonna go on record and say that of all our event photographers, all the latex never looks better than in the galleries from Zemekiss! Wonder why that is 😉

Check out these never seen before photos and relive all the incredible moments from the fashion shows, the venues, the meetups with fetish friends from around the world, and if you’ve never been, this gallery really goes to show you just how many different types of vibes are packed into the one weekend for VFW, and what a fantastic variety of open-minded and fun-loving people come together to form our extended global kink family.

It’s easy to see why there’s such a buzz about VFW spreading like wildfire throughout the international kink community, as the new ‘don’t miss’ event on the map!

This gallery may take a few moments to load – be patient 😉

Note that once you are in the pop-up image browser window, you can fast-scroll through the gallery by clicking on the arrow keys or swiping left or right!