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Posted on Apr 11, 2024


VFW2023 was our biggest gathering of local and international kinksters in Vancouver to date, and Zemekiss Photography was there to capture it all, from the casual Meet & Greet on Thursday, through to the main club events on Friday & Saturday, to the absolutely over the top VIP Fetish Cruise, and finally the intimate closing party at the Penthouse! 2023 saw a big leap in attendance, excitement, and level of fetish fashions throughout the festival … including some absolutely incredible latex ensembles, one of Zemekiss’s favourite photography subjects!

Please share these photos far and wide, but also please try to credit the event and photographer by either adding hashtags or tagging us on Instagram! Plus, if you tag Vancouver Fetish Weekend, we can share your post on our story when we get the notification!


You can check out more of Zemekiss’s work at his Instagram account –> HERE