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Posted on May 1, 2019

Vince Voltage presents “High Voltage” at VFW

VFW is proud to present Vince Voltage, the exceptional German photographer hailing from the city of Stuttgart, and Beau of the fetish scene, showing his works in Canada and as part of an international exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition “High Voltage” will be open and on display as an art & photo exhibition installation of large format works at the main event of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, Saturday July 27, 2019.

Vince deliberately shocks with his provocative portraits, primarily of people. He brings the dirty side of people’s fantasies to daylight, and achieves disturbing effects reminiscent of Robert Mapplethorpe. The impact on the audience is intensified by the strong contrast between the subject and the aesthetics of the image. The photographs look like they were taken from a fashion magazine a la Vogue, while the motifs play with the dark and secret fantasies of the soul.

Of course the nature of his art does not only bring him fans. Last year, Vince’s photographs were banned from an exhibition last second before opening day.

From early street photographs during tours with his band ’Pussy Sister’ or as a solo musician, and over his first studio photography series ’Iron Republic’, Vince’s style evolved into incorporating cyberpunk, post apocalyptic and fetish aesthetics, with Vince taking the the role of artistic designer, photographer, image editor, as well as a sometimes subject himself in front of the camera.

Since his first exhibition in 2016, his works have been shown in nine solo and group exhibitions throughout Germany, with more dates already planned for the current year.

In 2018, Vince Voltage self-released his photo book “Sex, Art & Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The first edition was sold out within a few weeks.

International collectors have already recognized the art of Vince Voltage. His works are already becoming part of European collections.

For VFW, his first show overseas, Vince is thinking big: “When I received the invitation from Canada, I knew immediately: we have to go there, it’s going to be a terrific excess. I’ll have works at the show that will be on display exclusively at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend. I do not want to give away too much yet, but this show will really kick your ass.”

Of course, the workaholic Voltage will not let Vancouver rest unsafe from his camera during his time here. Together with his best friend, the designer Seann Jewall, and fantastic models, Vince will be in search of unique photo locations and new impressions for his work in and around Vancouver.

“Vancouver offers incredible visual and cultural diversity. On the one hand, you have this modern metropolis with the harbour, the diverse art scene and then behind the city limits, you have the mountains and the wild Canadian backcountry piled up. You see a perfect shooting location on every corner,” says Vince during the preparation for his exhibition in the summer.

“That will be really great. Parties, shootings, great models, a lot of bare skin. We bring some German art spirit to them. And the whole trip will bring a lot of fantastic impressions, new photos and a lot of inspiration home from Canada,” says Vince, full of anticipation for the trip. Anyone who knows Vince and his exhibitions knows that he lives his art. With a keen sense for the right choice of models, and the use of elaborate props and breathtaking image editing, he abducts his audience into crazy worlds replete with eroticism, fantasy, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, spiritual symbols and the dark abyss of the human soul.

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