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Posted on Aug 21, 2017



Please take a moment and leave us a (we hope!) 5-star review at :

This year, Vancouver Fetish Weekend exploded into a joyous 5-day international celebration of kink, with more free, day and social events than ever before. A huge team put a gigantic amount of love, work and care into planning all the details so everything could be as inspiring and enjoyable as possible for all our attendees. We hugely appreciate every single positive review, as it helps knit our community ever closer together, and presents a welcoming face for newcomers!

Have anything LESS than a 5-star review? Or do you have constructive feedback or suggestions about something we can improve?

Rather than leaving a negative review publically, we would greatly appreciate it if you sent it to us directly so that we are sure to see it and be able to take it into consideration!
Send your feedback to the organizer directly at :

With people of all tastes coming from all over the world, we can’t get it PERFECT for everyone at every moment of the 7 official events over the course of the now almost WEEK of sexy celebrations, but we try to get it as close as possible! We carefully consider all feedback and are involved in every aspect of the festival, and we always hugely value the feedback from our community to help us make everything even better each year as we grow!

THANK YOU once again for the huge groundswell of support this year, from every corner of the local and international fetish community, who have helped spread the word that Vancouver Fetish Weekend is a fun and welcoming new spot on the global map of don’t-miss fetish destinations!


Isaac T